Over 30+ Years of Experience

During my PGA membership orientation in 1995, PGA Professional Tony Austin congratulated four of us on becoming the most popular people at cocktail parties. He said bankers, doctors, lawyers, and any other attendees would seek out the PGA Professional and want to talk about their favorite topic – golf. He was spot on. I’ve made a career of embracing this and my PGA Membership has provided me with a lifetime of cherished memories. I’m ready to share these stories and I hope to inspire the next generation of PGA Members.

Eric Eshleman and another man stand next to each other, smiling. They are in a conference room wearing black suits with red ties.
I have known Eric for 20+ years during which time he’s been a massive mentor and friend! E is synonymous with EVERYTHING that encompasses the consummate PGA Professional! His leadership and enthusiasm are contagious while his empathy creates connections with everyone he meets! He’s a pro’s pro and the right guy to lead the PGA of America!
Mark Blackburn
I started as an intern, 5 years as a staff professional, and then E helped me achieve my first Head Professional job at High Hampton. I always felt like I was a part of his team and his family. His mentorship and friendship have been priceless to me! 
James Bruns
Eric stands on a golf course with his wife, Kelli, and another man. They are smiling and wearing shades of white and green.


Mentoring comes naturally to PGA Professionals as we inherently want to see people succeed.  Associates are coming to our business at the fastest rate we’ve seen in years, which places mentoring as one of our top priorities. I have a deliberate and intentional strategy to focus on mentoring at all levels of our association.


Networking could possibly be the greatest member benefit we enjoy. We created the PGA Forum in Birmingham, a network of all the local professionals. We enjoy dinner every other month, sharing ideas, best practices, failures, and our successes. We’ve truly become a fraternal group that always has each other’s back. I also participate in a Regional and 2 National networks. Questions and answers are never more than an e-mail away as we gladly share information making us all better.

A Brighter Future

Wages are at an all-time high and there is an emphasis on staff satisfaction. Talented, bright, young associates from all demographics are entering our profession. There’s never been a better time to become a PGA Member and carve out a career in our wonderful association and game.

During my time at the Country Club of Birmingham, I have felt immediately welcomed and impacted by the professional golf staff. Eric and his staff have all intentionally taken time to pour into me not only as a future golf professional but also to grow me as an individual. I can’t thank Eric enough for providing me with the opportunity to see and experience every avenue of the golf industry that CCB has to offer. It has made me feel well-rounded and more prepared to be a golf professional than I have ever been.
Jared Shaw
PGM Intern, Mississippi State University

Member Engagement

20+ associates mentored and lead into Head Professional or Director of Instruction roles. Taught on the PGA adjunct faculty for over 5 years and have employed 2 to 3 PGM interns per summer for the last 20 years.

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