The E-Words


I’ve spent 33 years as a PGA Professional engaging members, customers, parents, juniors, coaches and most importantly fellow golf professionals. Under President Lindert, I have had the honor to oversee the six player engagement committees as well as Chair the National Junior Player Development Committee. Together, we have broken down many silos, worked together across committees, and continue delivering player engagement programs to our association.


“When I moved to Birmingham, Eric was the first professional to enthusiastically welcome me to town. He is one of our very brightest stars and truly a pro’s pro!”

Eric Williamson

Head Professional
Charlotte Country Club


Over my career I’ve noticed that execution surpasses strategy every time. I have a proven record of getting initiatives across the finish line. I was the tip of the spear, leading a name change for our Section from Dixie to Alabama NW Florida. Since then, our foundation has grown immensely. We have a scholarship program for our Section’s family members and junior golf tour participants, initiatives for diversity, equity, and inclusion, and PGA Hope programs across our two states. We have corporate sponsors that would never have been possible under our original name.


Mentoring is the center piece of my core values. My career is simply a product of incredible golf professionals that invested time into mentoring me. Now, I spend the majority of my time paying it forward into young professionals and it has been paying off. I currently have 20+ PGA Professionals that have elevated their careers to become GM’s, Directors of Golf, Head Professionals or Directors of Instruction. I have trained over 200 associates and PGM interns to become proficient golf instructors, giving them the ability to enjoy elevated earnings.


As displayed under my Business tab, I have the experience to be your next Secretary. I have served for over 15 years on 13 different national committees.

I have Chaired or Co-Chaired the National Junior Player Development committee since 2020. My experiences on these committees, as well as my time in the Boardroom have provided me with an extensive knowledge of our Association. Most importantly, these experiences have given me a crystal-clear understanding of where we need to be going in the future and what’s best for our 29,000 members.


I am both excited and energized to make this run for Secretary of the PGA. I’m most energized to meet you, the delegates, and listen to the opportunities and challenges that face your sections. I’m a team builder and a huge believer in the strengths of networks. As current leaders, we have the opportunity to grow another network within all of us and provide mission and vision for our 29,000 strong.